Galaga is where you are a space ship fighting off aliens

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At the beginnig of Development i was thinking of how to make galaga but with a twist--- something like galaga but without the theme of it. while thinking upon this i thought "hey wouldnt it be funny and cool if you were candy instead of spaceships." this thought gave me a spark of imagination for what would come next.

So i ended up with coming with using a candy like world where you are a candy-corn and you shoot out rock-candy as bullets to other candy like jawbreakers, chocolets,

and other candys. You are on a canvator belt and you are trying not be caught by the other candy trying to push you off and be eatten by people

Our first step was too come up with a fighter and basic enemy design as well as there respected projectiles so we came up with these designs.

After having the Fighter and the basic enemys. Our next step was to add the rest of the enemys.

If you want to see what we have so far for our game click the image to play it.

Instructions: arrow keys to move left and right,space to shoot